CPS is the only comprehensive correctional healthcare company headquartered in Massachusetts. Our reputation for customer service and expertise in the local market is unparalleled.

Founded in 1994 by Dr. Jorge Veliz, CPS has grown largely by attraction and reputation to become the proven choice for correctional facilities that want a hands-on approach from a comprehensive medical vendor.

We recognize that every site is unique and we work with each site to optimize healthcare delivery at your facility.

Unlike the large national vendors CPS is able to focus on your site and provide the type of administration and customer service you require. We offer the same array of services as the national vendors delivered in a cost effective and efficient manner.

CPS is well-known and respected for its expertise in the provision of clinically and fiscally sound correctional health care services.  Each of the team members has worked in clinical and administrative capacities that have fostered comprehensive understandings of the intricacies of the medical, mental health and correctional delivery systems. In addition to this team, CPS has a core of correctional consultants with over seventy-five years of operational, procedural and programmatic experience. Our team is available to provide consultative services to correctional settings across the country.  Our areas of expertise and consultative services include, but are not limited to:

- Treatment of Seriously Mentally Ill Offenders

- Segregation Diversionary Programs for Seriously Mentally Ill and Behaviorally Disordered Inmates

- Staff Training, Supervision and Professional Development

- Nursing Response for Medical Emergencies

- Nursing Protocols

- Treatment Planning and Care of the Aged Offender

- Treatment of the Opioid Addicted Offender