Experienced healthcare administrators are essential to the success of your medical operations. As knowledgeable correctional administrators with a commitment to professionalism and excellence, we work closely with your facility administration to help you manage healthcare delivery at your site.

We understand and recognize security and the need to partner with your correctional and administrative staff to ensure that healthcare is delivered safely and efficiently.

As experts in the provision of medical and mental health treatment in Massachusetts our customers have a wealth of resources at their disposal including:

  • Auditing and Contract Compliance
  • Policy Development Expertise in Healthcare and Security
  • PREA
  • Treatment of the Mentally Ill Offender
  • Treatment of the Mentally Ill Offender in Secure Settings
  • Electronic Medical & Mental Health Classification System
  • Utilization Review
  • Operations


CSI-C Computer Systems Integrated for Corrections

CCN  Correctional Clinician Network 

EHR-C  Electronic Medical Records for Corrections

CCT  Correctional Clinician Trainings  

CDID  Correctional Digital Identification