Tele Behavioral Health is FIPS 140-2 and HIPAA compliant

CPS developed the tele-behavioral platform to provide comprehensive behavioral health services using experienced correctional clinicians. Our partners have access to the full array of mental health professionals for crisis intervention, on-going, and behavioral health emergencies.

The TBH Program was initiated as a way to address the issue of the decreasing availability of qualified, experienced correctional clinicians. Our services are wraparound and include training for administrators, nursing, clinicians and correctional staff; all of whom are impacted frequently with mental and behavioral health issues within the inmate population.

TBH is available as an adjunct to your current services for emergent or routine evaluations, to augment your current services or use for vacation coverage, absences etc. Our program is HIPAA compliant both in the utilized forms and in the video conferencing format; is a proprietary streaming video conferencing service application. is an additional service provided by an independent company and in no way legally associated with Telemedicine Behavioral Health. We will also provide the hardware to include the tablet device that will be configured with your software.