Correctional medicine and mental health treatment offer new and exciting career opportunities. Health care providers in a correctional environment treat the same chronic diseases and mental illnesses that are seen in the community. In the rapidly changing healthcare industry, private practice physicians and mid-level practitioners may find correctional healthcare extremely appealing. Without the headaches associated with insurance paperwork practitioners have more time to focus on providing healthcare.

In many ways the correctional health unit is safer than your local Emergency Room. Our providers receive orientation and training, work closely with and are supervised by correctional staff. Detainees and inmates are more stable and their medical and mental health needs are proactively managed from the time they are admitted to the facility.

Practitioners are exposed to a variety of specialties including emergency medicine, internal medicine and chronic disease management, addictions, obstetrics and women's health, and psychiatry. The patient population is largely high risk with demographic factors such as low income and significantly impoverished populations, high elderly populations and those with a high infant mortality.

Correctional medicine is meaningful work with a marginalized population in a clinically rich and rewarding environment. In addition, our Medical Directors have over thirty years of correctional health care experience and offer excellent guidance and expertise. The work is often described as challenging, interesting and rewarding.

Our staff prides themselves on providing high standards of care to a needy and underserved population in a clinically diverse and interesting workplace.